Do you have an installation team?

Yes, all our team are fully qualified electricians with several years experience in the industry.

Is your system suitable to replace old storage heating?

The JT system has been designed primarily for that purpose but it can also be used for every type of heating.

Are they expensive to run?

We get asked this question a lot. No the JT heating system has been carefully designed to operate with low running costs. The Kaolin / Ceramic heating plates heat up extremely fast and cool down very slow only using about 15 – 25 minutes of electricity per hour.

How can I be sure the JT heaters do not use loads of electricity?

The JT radiators have been tested for temperature control and running costs by the NSAI labourites in Dublin, Ireland. Please read our testimonial.

How long are they covered under warranty?

The warranty period is for 2 years from date of purchase. A proof of purchase is required to validate all warranty issues.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes like every business we offer discounts to our customers but not on single purchases. For multiple orders and installation costs we can offer discounts. Just talk to us.

How do I know what type of radiators I need for my home. Do you have a guideline for measuring rooms?

As a general rule we usually tell our customers that they require 100 watts of heat per meter square of space. Click here to read our guidelines on measuring for our JT radiators.

Can I just simply just plug the radiators into the sockets in my house?

Yes the JT radiators have been designed for that purpose but for multiple radiators we always recommend seeking advise before proceeding.

How many radiators can the JS10 / 2 touch screen controller control?

The JS10/2 controller can control 5 zones with a total of 8 radiators per zone, so to answer your question it can control up to 40 radiators.

Typically how long does it take to heat a room up?

Depending on the building fabric of your room it would typically take approximately 40 minutes to heat the room from cold and then after that only use between 15 – 25 minutes of electricity per hour.

How long would it take for you to fit out a 3 bedroom house with your system?

Generally 1 day would be enough for us with the whole system up a running.

Do you accept credit / debit cards?

Yes we do. We can accept your payment over the phone through our secure merchant service provider